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19 Oscar Moments You Didn't See Last Night

Some of the greatest moments weren't shown on camera.

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1. Jack Nicholson being creepy toward Jennifer Lawrence during an interview:

2. Adele holding Jennifer Aniston's hand:

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

3. This moment when Robert DeNiro put his hand on Bradley Cooper's back:


4. Ben Affleck kissing his wife Jennifer Garner:


5. Spielberg kneeling on the floor while holding Daniel Day-Lewis's hand:

6. This selfie of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Radcliffe:

7. Jennifer Lawrence flipping off the press room:

See the footage here.
MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

See the footage here.

8. This picture where it looks like Daniel Day-Lewis is going to make out with Meryl Streep:

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

9. This photo of Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy:

10. Quvenzhané Wallis with Halle Berry:

Carlo Allegri / AP

11. And Samuel L. Jackson:

12. This picture of Ben Affleck:


13. When Kristen Stewart hugged Jennifer Lawrence...

14. ...and admitted she's an idiot:

15. This pic of Channing Tatum:

16. This one of Jamie Foxx:

17. Anne Hathaway watching her Oscar get engraved:

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

18. When Bellatrix Lestrange and Harry Potter hung out casually:

SHE KILLED SIRIUS!!!! (Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe IRL).
Matt Sayles/Invision / AP

SHE KILLED SIRIUS!!!! (Helena Bonham Carter and Daniel Radcliffe IRL).

19. And when good guy Bradley Cooper jumped up to help Jennifer Lawrence when she fell:

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