As A Lesbian, I'd Like To Thank Dua Lipa And St. Vincent For Their Grammys Performance


    Last night on the Grammys, the greatest thing since T.a.T.u. on TRL happened.

    And that was the performance by St. Vincent and Dua Lipa.

    A performance so heavily sprinkled with lesbianism that my body was literally trembling while watching.

    Even thinking about it I begin to sweat.

    Let me please walk all of us through what happened.

    It started with St. Vincent on stage singing, and then out of the fog a shape emerged.

    It was Dua Lipa coming to clutch onto St. Vincents shoulder.

    And then because this was a live feed of my fantasy, they quickly grabbed each other's hands and held on tightly.

    Things only got more intense. They sang back to back, tenderly embracing each other while their matching brown bobs screamed "THIS IS FOR YOU, LESBIANS!!!!!"

    I screamed back at my TV, "THANK YOU!!" while thinking what did I do to deserve this????

    I mean, the glances that were made!

    The pelvic regions that were aimed at each other!

    The near kisses!!!

    Look at this hand placement people!

    It's almost like Dua Lipa and St. Vincent found my diary and completely reenacted the performance I had written about under the "vision board" section.

    In a world full of Adam Levines taking their shirt off for no reason, this was exactly what I needed to cleanse my soul.

    So thank you to all that were involved in the creation of this. At least one lesbian loves you for it!!! (Me).