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    Okay New Set Pics From The “Wonder Woman” Sequel Have Me All KDHGNdkhgnLAGDn


    Remember yesterday when "they" released two pics from the new Wonder Woman movie that will be taking place in the 1980s and I lost my shit?

    Well beep boop boppity BEE, THERE ARE MORE PICS FROM THE SET and now I'm like SKGfdbmgfn, sdgjndlsdk segldkmdo!!! Let's take a look.

    My friends, it is 1984!!! We've got some San Junipero shit goin on here!!!

    Yes there are Steve and Diana, your unreasonably hot next door neighbors named...STEVE AND DIANA.

    Now let's take a closer look.

    First of all, friggin' Steve Trevor is wearin' a fanny pack!

    Don't ask me how he's alive or how they got to 1984, cause I don't know and I don't care! All I can tell you is there's a fanny pack and gosh dangit it's something!


    But if you prefer Steve Trevor in just a basic white tee and flowy slash fluffy hair, you've got that too.

    Ayeeee, are you talkin' to HIM? YOU TALKIN TO HIM?!?!

    Ok, now lettuce discuss our heroine, Diana, aka Wonder Woman, aka...*Borat voice* MY WIFEEEEEE.

    Pleated khakis? Check. Padded blazer? CHA-HECKKKK. Looking vaguely like a lesbian realtor from the 1980s that has their face on a bus stop bench? CH-CH-CHECK!!!! AND I LIKE IT!!!!

    I mean, hot diggity dog. There she goes in all her Weekend At Bernie's glory!!!!

    Heck to the yes!

    In conclusion: I'm writing this from the front of the line that I've just formed for Wonder Woman (2) which has no release date, but I'm ready for it!