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    Nicole Richie Is Actually The Voice Of Our Generation

    She's so honest. So real.

    Fact: Nicole Richie used to be on The Simple Life, and she was the best part of that show. She continues to be a source of real, honest words and inspiration. She IS the voice of our generation.

    First of all, she is able to put haters in their place with simple replies like this and the strategic use of emojis.

    She gets what it's like to be be eternally tired and is able to use her fame to make people aware of this struggle.

    And she brings attention to other struggles that need awareness as well.

    She says what other people are too scared to admit.

    And sometimes those things are controversial, but they need to be said.

    Because she's a trendsetter in so many ways.

    And she perseveres through tough times, even when it seems hopeless.

    Because she always knows exactly what to say.

    And how to make a good impression.

    Because she knows what you have to do to make it in this world.

    Because she's honest with her friends.

    And with herself.


    Because she is a pro at open communication.

    And will fight for it.

    Because she can see the potential in anyone.

    And knows how to make someone shine to their fullest ability.


    And she knows what to ask for to make dreams come true.

    Because she can take time to reflect on her life and her mistakes.

    Because she's so in tune with the kid in her.


    Like, she is the literal physical manifestation of the way we grocery shop on our dreams.

    And just because she knows everything, OK?

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