Nicholas Braun, AKA Cousin Greg, Sold His Car, Which He Revealed Has Been Owned By Two Other Famous People In The Past, And I Just Think Thats Funny

    The celebrity sisterhood of the traveling car.

    In this house, we love Nicholas Braun.

    We love him as Cousin Greg.

    And we loved him as the glowing kid from Sky High.

    Student name: Zach, a freshman who "serves as a human flashlight in very dark places"

    We also love him as the third owner of this car that he just sold, which, as it turns out, has been owned by a couple of famous people before him.

    Nicholas wrote a lovely obituary for his car, and in it we learned that it was sold to him by Mae Whitman, who bought it from DAX SHEPARD!! They must have made the deal on the set of Parenthood.

    That means the butts of these three famous celebrity people sat in the driver's seat.

    But the best part of the whole thing is that in the car's eulogy, Nicholas also revealed that the car was named the "Daxy Taxi" in honor of its first owner, and he has been mooching off of Dax's Sirius XM for years. Also, he let us know that the car came hooked up with some premium add-ons, like a DVD player, which is cool.

    Nicholas says how great his '08 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid 4WD was; it "drove and drove on all sort of roads" and had "heated seats and a rear view camera and a slight tinted window"

    Mae Whitman shared their condolences.

    Handle name "mistergarf" says, "Oh shit!!!!!! She did us right"

    However, Dax, who was tagged but must not have checked his notifications yet, has not responded or come to collect his Sirius XM subscription money at this time (at least not publicly).

    Screenshot of Nicholas in front of the car

    Thinking good thoughts for everyone involved; I hope this car lives to drive another day in the future.

    Anyway, I am just picturing the number of celebrities who have sat in this car. At least we know for sure one of them was Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin, who shared his memories with the vehicle.

    Handle name mintzplasse: Fuck; the amount of times I've ummmm sat in there for drives, long and short, i just sat there; sorry for your loss