Meet Ryan Wieber, Jordyn’s Hot Older Brother

Hi Jordyn, I know you won a gold medal and all, but your brother is really hot.

2. Brother of Olympic gold medalist, Jordyn Wieber.

6. This is him on the beach:

Here he is on the beach

7. And him playing football:

8. Oh yeah, he was the quarterback on his high school team.

10. Here he is squinting:

11. And him in a blurry photo:

12. Oh look it’s him at the Olympics:

13. Don’t forget who his sister is!!!!

15. By the way, Ryan Wieber is better than Justin Bieber:

16. Which makes his fans Wieliebers.

Also means that have WIEBER FEVER.

17. He’s already too popular for facebook:


19. YES. He’s 18. PHEW.

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