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    Martha Stewart Doesn't Give A Shit That Drew Barrymore Has Peeled Peppers

    Why am I obsessed with this?

    It all started when Drew Barrymore and Martha Stewart were on Ellen, and they were obviously doing a lot of cooking, because, hi, Martha. Here's the full clip, and as you can see Martha really doesn't even care that Drew is there.

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    OK, she acknowledges her existence, but still.

    Things really get real ~intense~ when Martha starts asking if they've made quesadillas before, and Drew is like, "I'VE DONE IT," but Martha doesn't even care and she just continues with her cooking.

    Then Martha asks Ellen if she's ever peeled a pepper, and Drew is like, "I HAVE!!!" but still, Martha doesn't care.

    Then just in case Martha "didn't hear" the first time, Drew repeats that she has, in fact, peeled peppers. But again, Martha does not give a shit that Drew has peeled the peppers.

    This is sad Drew realizing that Martha doesn't care that she has peeled peppers.


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