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    18 Pictures That Describe You At A Job Interview


    1. When they ask about your leadership qualities:

    2. Or your unique skillset:

    3. When you're asked about your biggest strength:

    4. And a little bit about yourself:

    5. When they're trying to get to the nitty-gritty of why you're the one for the job:

    6. When you're asked to describe yourself in a couple of words...

    7. ...or in three words...

    8. ...or in four words...

    9. ...or in six words:

    10. When you're asked about your hobbies:

    11. Your previous compensation:

    12. And your preferred office culture:

    13. When your level of experience is questioned:

    14. And they're just straight-up like, "Why?"

    15. Even though the answer is obvious to you:

    16. When they ask about your five-year plan:

    17. And your motivation:

    18. But mostly literally whenever you're filling out one of these bad boys: