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Leonardo DiCaprio Is Also In Lil Dicky's "Earth" Video And It's Amazing


Lil Dicky released his new song and music video today, Earth.

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Besides the video definitely say FART for .03 seconds...

It also features like...every famous singer under the sun.

And noted big fan of the earth, Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, an animated Leonardo DiCaprio. But it looks just like him and is really cute.

He first appears on the Titanic holding a globe, it's a beautiful sight.

And since Leo is earth's #1 fan (seriously, In real life he's all about helping the earth and stopping climate change) Lil Dicky thinks we should all just do what Leo does.

And that if the time came, Leo should be given to the aliens to represent all humans, which makes sense, because Leo is a great human.

And just when you're like okayyyy, it's an animated Leo...coool....great....wonderful...well, then he speaks!! And it's real Leo!

And Leo loves the song, because like I said, he loves the earth.

Thank you Leo for lending your voice to my new favorite song and video. And for loving the earth. And for having nice hair.