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    Kate Winslet And Leonardo DiCaprio Should Be Together In Real Life

    Instead of giving her away at her secret wedding, he should have stopped the ceremony and said, "I'm the man for you." Because that would have been amazing.

    Kate Winslet just got married to this guy, Ned Rocknroll. What kind of last name is Rocknroll anyway!?!

    She should be married to Leo. DiCaprio is a way better last name than Rocknroll.

    Plus, these two are made for each other, they just don't know it yet.

    But we realized it 15 years ago when they were Jack and Rose...

    ...and became the most perfect (imaginary) couple ever.


    Just look at them hugging like this.

    And here they are hugging like that 11 years later.

    They would be perfect together.

    Here they are laughing together! They love laughing together.

    And here's more laughing together. They should laugh all the time together.

    And they would look great together. Basically they should be together IRL.

    Need more convincing?

    Here he is when she won a Golden Globe and he was really happy for her:

    And here he is blowing her a kiss:

    She once said hi to him during an interview, and it was adorable.

    This is them looking like a perfect couple, which they should be.

    And this is them looking like a perfect family, which they SHOULD BE.

    Basically they should be together because Leo did this:

    And we can't forget, SHE SAID SHE'D NEVER LET HIM GO.

    The End.