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9 Variations Of The Word "Stomach" That No Self-Respecting Adult Should Ever Use

If you aren't a baby or talking to a baby, then these words are not for you.

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1. Belly

Used in a sentence: "My belly hurts."

Easy fix: "My stomach hurts."

2. Bewwwy

Used in a sentence: "I have butterfwies in my bewwwy."

Easy fix: "I have butterflies in my stomach."

3. Tum-tum

Used in a sentence: "My tum-tum is grumbling."

Easy Fix: "My stomach is grumbling"

4. Stummy

Used in a sentence: "My stummy is gonna eat itself!"

Easy fix: "My stomach is going to eat itself!"

5. Stummy Wummy

Used in a sentence: "My stummy wummy is feeling crummy mummy."

Easy Fix: "My stomach is feeling crummy, anyone have some Pepto-Bismol, I'm 31 years old."

6. Tummsy Mummsy

Used in a sentence: "Uh ohhh, I feel a poopy coming from my tummsy mummsy."

Easy Fix:
"A shit is building up in my stomach, I ate too much kale."

7. Tummy tum tum, rum pum pum

Used in a sentence: It's actually only been used once, by a woman named Janet, and she said, "My tummy tum tum, rum pum pum feels bloated today!"

Easy Fix: Janet died. But if she were alive, "My stomach feels bloated today."

8. Bloopy bloppy tummy moppy

Used in a sentence: "Hey, look at my bloopy bloppy tummy moppy!"

Easy Fix: "Hey, look at my stomach!"

9. Tummy

Used in a sentence: "My tummy aches."

Easy Fix: No fix for this person. They are doomed.

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