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    Here's What Happened When JoJo Siwa "Babysat" North West

    I'm just glad North had fun.

    Because I love you all so much, I've decided to share the following video with all of you. It's JoJo Siwa's latest vlog, in which she "babysits" Kim and Kanye's daughter, North West.

    North is actually a big fan of JoJo's and spending the day with her was apparently a dream come true.

    My baby girl North had her dream of life come true! She got to spend the day with @itsjojosiwa. πŸŽ€πŸ’•πŸŽ€ #speechless #bff #Only5Once

    I digress.

    If you can handle loudspeaker-high volume with no problems at all, then please, watch the entire video here:

    View this video on YouTube

    If, like me, you are sensitive to loud noises and have difficulty getting past the first 1.3 seconds of the video, then allow me to explain what goes down with quieter imagery.

    First of all, Kim shows up with North, who is in a full JoJo Siwa lewk.

    Shortly after, Kim "leaves" and North is left with her new "babysitter," JoJo.

    Then JoJo gives North a tour of her house.

    Then JoJo puts two bows on North's head.

    Then North does a SPLIT.

    This results in some brief dancing to music by JoJo Siwa (duh).

    Following the dancing, JoJo and North make slime. North spills half the glitter on the floor while stirring. It's amazing.

    She spills even more glitter on the floor while pouring. I'm obsessed.

    Other parts of the babysitting experience include North taste-testing some kind of JoJo Siwa beverage.

    And playing/just taking a few toys out of the claw machine in JoJo's house.

    In conclusion: I don't even know anymore.

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