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    Jessica Chastain And Cate Blanchett Shared A Secret At The Golden Globes And It's The Biggest Mystery Of The Day


    Wowwwww, you can't tell us? So you are just going leave us like this, for the rest of eternity, wondering what Cate said?? That's selfish Jessica, real selfish! WHAT COULD IT BE? How can you expect us to go on like this? How can you really do this to us????????? WHATEVER JESSICA CHASTAIN, WHATEVER.

    And now here are five things Cate Blanchett might have said:

    1. "I just crop dusted all over Sandra Bullock"

    2. "He was eating a banana, and...something stirred inside me. All I'm saying is tonight I'm going to bang Bruce Dern."

    3. "The limo was so cold, my nipples actually punctured through my dress, I had to get sewn back in on the way."

    4. "And so I said to her, 'no, Anne Hathaway is not coming to my party and I don't care if she stands at the gates for an hour.'"

    5. "If I win tonight I'm going to poop on the stage, you watch it's going to be hilarious."