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Jennifer Lawrence's Real-Life Best Friend Called Her On TV To Find Out If She's Been Replaced By Amy Schumer

Laura Simpson vs. Amy Schumer.

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A couple of nights ago during Jennifer Lawrence's really wonderful appearance on Watch What Happens Live, she got a surprise phone call from her best friend Laura.

This is the best friend Laura who attended the 2014 Academy Awards with Jennifer (and whose neck Jen grabbed when she fell on the carpet).

Anyway, Laura had a very important question for Jen:

And Jen finally set the record straight: LAURA IS HER BFFL.

I mean, not gonna lie, I'd also be a little sad if my best friend was off riding Jet Skis with Amy Schumer and the whole world starting calling them best friends.

Jen continued to reassure Laura that no one could take her place, admitting that she talks about her so much that even Emma Stone asks about her.

Obviously Laura was the hero of the night, not only for making sure we all knew who Jennifer Lawrence's true best friend is, but also for the question she asked Jax, of Vanderpump Rules.

Here's the clip:

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