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    Jennifer Lawrence Gets A Booger On Live TV Just Like The Best Of Us


    Last night while on The Tonight Show, Jennifer Lawrence experienced something that happens to all of us: She got a booger in her nose. It all started with the international sigh of "Oh, shit, I feel a booger in my nose."

    You know, the casual hand-wipe-to-nose move.

    Unfortunately the inconspicuous wipe only agitated the booger, causing it to fall out of the cave it was hibernating in. Luckily Jimmy Fallon is one of those people who tells you something is on your face and doesn't just let you sit there oblivious to it all.

    And Jennifer Lawrence took it in stride.

    Making a valid point: Was she the first person to ever have a booger on live TV? Could it be? Idk, prob not.

    Either way, boogergate ended with those famous three words: "Is it gone?"


    You can watch the whole boogergate clip (in which we also find out she once took Ambien by accident before filming a scene for The Hunger Games) here:

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