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    It's Time I Admit That Michelle Pfeiffer In "One Fine Day" Caused My Sexual Awakening

    This is my truth!

    Hello there folks and folkas. As you might be able to glean from the title of this post, I'm here to discuss how Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day caused my sexual awakening.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    And yes, I'm talking about the movie she was in with George Clooney back in 1996. Which was — and remains — highly underrated!

    <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=";&amp;gt;;lt;/a&amp;gt; / Gemma La Mana/20th Century Fox

    Anywho, it's not news that Michelle Pfeiffer is flawless and stunning and amazing and perfect. But there's something about her in One Fine Day that only upon reflection and lots of therapy has made me realize that that's the moment I knew I was gay.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    In small part it was the vest/suit combo that really caught my interest.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    And then there was also the disdain she showed for George Clooney's character at the beginning of the movie.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Her eye rolls made me sweat!

    Twentieth Century Fox

    There was also the fact that she had a cool job and looked good doing it.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    And for some reason even her stained white v-neck shirt made my body tremble.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    But there was one thing in particular that really ignited the fire deep and awakened something that had been hibernating inside me my whole life.

    Nickelodeon but also me

    And that was when she spent half the movie in this tiny dinosaur shirt.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via Twitter: @CineFeline

    After ruining her other shirt, she put on her son's dinosaur t-shirt and when she changed shirts, I changed internally.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via Twitter: @itslaurenyap

    I have not stopped thinking about it since.

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via Twitter: @hillcake

    I meannnnn, she ran around New York City in the t-shirt.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    She braved the rain and jumped over taxis in the t-shirt.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    She yelled at cops in the t-shirt!

    Twentieth Century Fox

    Basically with every step taken in the t-shirt, my heart beat faster and faster.

    Twentieth Century Fox

    In conclusion: I'm really glad to get this off my chest and happy we had this little chat.

    CIAO! <3

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