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    Updated on Jun 29, 2020. Posted on Jun 20, 2020

    18 Perfectly Funny Tweets About Being "Close Friends" On Instagram

    *Gets addded to close friends* *blushes*.


    im always intrigued by close friends stories...who not allowed to see u grilling zucchini


    Guys put you on their close friends just to post like...a second picture of their dinner that they already posted to their main story


    me giving a speech when people put me in their close friends list


    petition to rename “close friends” on instagram to “not my employer.”


    My Close Friends list is for only my most enduring friendships and also ten people I've never spoken to but I think have "good energy"


    Whenever I see that green ring on Instagram I think to myself "how did I get here?"


    you ever on someones “close friends list” on IG and realize they’re not on yours and you feel bad....but not bad enough to add them on your close friends list? same


    me after cleaning out my close friends list


    when u see that green ring around their instagram story icon


    Mars added us to “Close Friends”


    if you add me to your close friends list and you're busy posting quotes, please remove me. I want exclusive content!!!


    why am i on your close friends list we've known each other for two days


    You guys are buying cars, getting jobs, moving into lovely big apartments... Mid pandemic... How does it feel to be on God’s close friends list?


    my Instagram close friends is becoming a very sacred space for me to show off how hor*y I am to the non twitter using pals


    The option of ‘close friends list’ on Instagram or ‘private story’ on Snapchat should be renamed to ‘non-judgemental friends’ because let’s just be honest I don’t even know 70% of them that closely but I know they ain’t judging.


    When you see that green ring around someone’s instagram story for the first time 🥰


    When I see someone post a story on Instagram and it’s got the green ring around it


    Thanks for putting me in ur close friends story... now how can I leave?

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