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    I'm Truly Dying That Jennifer Love Hewitt Takes Videos From Inside Her Fridge Because The Lighting Is Better

    Not all heroes wear capes!

    You know Jennifer Love Hewitt. Either because she's a famous three-name-person, or from her legendary role in Ghost Whisperer.

    But did you know that A) Jennifer Love Hewitt is on Instagram...

    ...and B) that she takes an abundance of her selfie videos while standing inside her fridge because she like the fridge lighting.

    Likeee.....the fridge is her spot.

    She just opens the door, takes position, and starts recording.


    Jennifer Love Hewitt? More like Jennifer Love Fridges!!!

    And while this might seem like an urmm...interesting thing to do, she proved just how great her fridge lighting was by showing us this before pic. As you can see, it's grainy, dark, and doesn't look the least bit like she's getting that easy cold breeze from the refrigerator.

    But the after pic, when she opens the refrigerator door and stands there with her perishables wafting their scent onto her golden face.

    I mean, listen! The lady has a point! Look at that transformation!!

    So yeah, maybe taking videos while standing with your fridge door open seems unconventional and also like a waste of energy, but at least you'll look flawless.

    Thank you, Jennifer Love Fridges for showing us your ways. You are an inspiration to us all!!

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