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    May 3, 2017

    I'm Finally Ready To Talk About Monday's Episode Of "Supergirl"

    Spoilers obvs.

    On Monday night an episode of Supergirl aired that was called Alex.

    Up until now I haven't been able to talk about it because I was too busy gathering my feelings.



    Honestly the past few eps have been a little merp to me. There's been a lot of straight stuff happening (Kara +Mon El)...


    The CW /

    Sorry, but I need the gay stuff!

    So thank the lordt that this episode FINALLLLYYY gave us some more of theMaggie + Alex love story we've been waiting for.

    Long story short, Alex gets kidnapped and Kara and Maggie are trying to find her but they are fighting over how to get her back. Basically there's future in-law drama, blah blah blah.

    But when things get heated Maggie starts talk-crying and even though she's sad and scared it's ACTUALLY REALLY HOT.

    And also heartwarming and wonderful and adorable and all the other things.

    The CW /

    I love u Maggie.

    Then time is running out and Alex is literally drowning in a container because her kidnapper is a dick...

    The CW

    ...but since Supergirl creators know that killing off a gay character would send the lesbians into riot mode, obviously she lives and hugs Maggie tight upon being saved.

    And then, after recovering, we have ~the moment~. The one we've been waiting for since Season 2 Episode 3.

    The CW

    You know, when Alex checked out dat ass.

    Alex tells Maggie she loves her.

    The CW

    And Maggie tells Alex she loves her back.

    The CW

    And then they kiss. SWAK.


    Also me:

    To put it simply, my thoughts on the entire episode:

    Maggie and Alex 4ever BYEEEE.

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