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    I Swear, Like Every Famous Person Ever Commented On Jennifer Aniston's Birthday Instagram Post

    And it turns out, celebs love the 🔥 emoji.

    Jennifer Aniston turned 51 yesterday, and for her birthday post to herself, she shared this photoshoot she did with Interview magazine.

    And based on the amount of celebrities that commented on the photo, I've decided that she is the most popular person in Hollywood.

    1. Obviously we've got Courteney Cox...

    2. ...and Lisa Kudrow.

    3. Then there's also Gwyneth...

    4. ...and Reese.

    The usual suspects! But then there was also...

    5. Donatella Versace.

    6. Tracee Ellis Ross.

    7. Aaron Paul.

    8. Kaley Cuoco.

    9. Andi from The Bachelor.

    10. Kaitlyn, also from The Bachelor.

    11. Abbi Jacobson.

    12. Jax from Vanderpump Rules.

    13. Jessica Chastain.

    14. Michelle Pfeiffer.

    15. Brene Brown.

    16. Maria Sharapova.

    17. Fortune Feimster.

    18. Gwen Stefani.

    19. Allison Janney.

    20. Olivia Wilde.

    21. Lily Collins.

    22. And Zoey Deutch.

    23. Billy Eichner.

    24. Whitney Cummings.

    25. Awkwafina.

    26. Drew Barrymore.

    27. Karlie Kloss.

    28. Stacy London.

    29. Malin Akerman.

    30. Arielle Vandenberg.

    31. Joe Zee.

    32. Hailey Bieber.

    33. Johnny Knoxville.

    34. Mindy Kaling.

    35. Kerry Washington.

    36. Juliette Lewis.

    37. Ashley Benson.

    38. Kylie Minogue.

    39. Sean Hayes.


    I know I missed other people because looking for Instagram comments sucks, but I've proven my point. Everyone loves Jennifer Aniston, and tbh I wonder if she even knows who all of these people are. But that's a thought for another day. BYE.

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