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How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To Your Favorite Spice Girls Songs?

If you wanna take this quiz, you gotta remember the words.

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  1. 1. "Say You Will Be There"

    If you, can't deal with expectations, then I guess I'll have to mop up the floor
    If you can't work this equation, then I guess I'll have to show you the door
    If we, can't work on salutations, then I guess I don't need you anymore
  2. 2. "Who Do You Think You Are"

    Bust it, lose it, prove it, move it, show me how good you are
    Work it, twerk it, surf it, turf it, show me how good you are
    Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it, show me how good you are
  3. 3. "Stop"

    You take an inch, I run a mile, Can't win you're always right behind me
    You take an inch, I walk a mile, can't win you're always tryin' find me
    You fake a twitch, I run all wild, can't win your always on my body
  4. 4. "Spice Up Your Life"

    Travel spaceman, I just want to be seen
    Tribal spaceman, and all that's in between
    He wears tight pants, I can see his peen
  5. 5. "Viva Forever"

    Everlasting, like the sun
    Everlasting, we are one
    Everlasting, we're not done
  6. 6. "2 Become 1"

    'Cause tonight is the night when two become one
    Cause tonight is the night, to have lots of fun
    'Cause tonight is the night, let's go for a run
  7. 7. "Move Over"

    If you're ready to glide, then I'm ready to go
    Cause you're ready to fly, and we're ready to go
    We are ready to ride and we're ready to blow
  8. 8. "Saturday Night Divas"

    Spank and play like we are moviestars
    Holds me tighter than a ninja
    Kiss and telling on a superstar
  9. 9. "Never Give Up On The Good Times"

    If she's going crazy, I just can't pretend, seems like this week never ends
    Now we get together, her baby's on the way, and the morning sickness never ends
    If she's going crazy, baby's on the way, seems like the day never ends
  10. 10. "Too Much"

    Hold me too tight, or left to linger
    Your grip was so strong, I had to linger
    Used my tweezers, to take out your splinter
  11. 11. "Wannabe"


How Well Do You Remember The Lyrics To Your Favorite Spice Girls Songs?

Due to human error (mine), question 5 had the wrong answer as the correct one. The correct answer is "Everlasting, like the sun" not "Everlasting, we are one." If you got it wrong because of that reason, put your mind at ease because you actually got it right! And make sure to tell your friends that you knew all along.


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