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    OMFG, You Can Turn Off The "Flipped" Camera Option On Your Phone So You Don't Look As Hideous In Selfie Mode

    I needed to know this 10 years ago.

    You know when you open your phone to take a selfie and then you do and you're like HOLY SHIT! I'M THE UGLIEST PERSON ALIVE!!!!!!!!

    A man with his arm over the shoulder of an alien wearing a green wig
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    Like, you're crooked and completely asymmetrical, and you finally realize this is why you're single.

    A character from the film Beetlejuice who has a shrunken head
    Beetlejuice / The Geffen Company

    Which, by the way, is second only to how you feel whilst looking at yourself in the mirror during a haircut.

    A woman sitting in front of a salon mirror and her reflection is reptile

    Well, turns out this nightmare scenario can be AVOIDED!!!!! My sister told me the news today (also, she meant flip not mirror).


    In the settings on your iPhone, go to Camera. And then scroll down. You'll see "Mirror Front Camera," and if you're like me and didn't know about this already, the toggle will be gray/off.


    TOGGLE THAT BABY ON. So that it's green.



    Closeup of a dog's face
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    And because I keep it real on here and also I gave up giving a shit like seven months ago, this is the before pic that made me want to THROW UP:

    Lauren has on a T-shirt, eyeglasses and a necklace. She also has her hair up in a ponytail

    And the after pic, once I toggled, that made me less nauseous:

    Me again

    So there you have it!! I hope this small change can bring you peace and joy in your life!!! BYE!