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    How To Form The Greatest Celebrity Superband

    These celebs not only can act (or be President of the United States) but also have real musical talents. Here's how to put together the best celebrity superband.

    Kevin Bacon will rock out on the guitar

    He's in a band with his brother, it's called The Bacon Brothers. They tour all around the USA!

    With Steve Martin keeping the beat on the Banjo

    He used to use it in his standup as a fun prop, but started taking it seriously in 2001 after collaborating with Earl Scruggs, a bluegrass legend.

    Keanu Reeves Could play the bass

    Yup, he's in a band called Dogstar.

    Meryl Streep can add some more string with the Violin

    She learned how to play the violin for the movie "Music of the Heart."

    While Bruce Willis gets blues-y on the Harmonica

    He once played with B.B. King, so he must not be half bad.

    You can put President Bill Clinton on lead Sax

    With Jennifer Garner as backup

    She could learn a thing or two from President Clinton.

    For some smooth sounds Ewan McGregor will be on the French Horn

    When he was 16 he played Mozart on Scottish TV.

    Dan Aykroyd would play the tuba

    He was a former marching band member. This photo however is from the movie "My Girl."

    Woody Allen will join in as first clarinet

    He plays jazz clarinet, and used to play it every Monday Night at Michaels pub in New York City.

    And Steven Spielberg will play second clarinet

    Steven Spielberg played the clarinet in an orchestral scene in the movie "Jaws."

    Dana Carvey will tear it up on the drums

    That was really him playing in "Waynes World."

    And Robert Downey Jr. would sing lead vocals

    View this video on YouTube

    Voice of an angel!!

    Okay famous people, you heard me, now ASSEMBLE!

    Here is their first album cover:

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