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How Big Of A One Direction Fan Are You Really?

How much directioner do you have in you?

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  1. 1.

    Can you name all six members of the group?
    You didn't check the above line because you know there are only FIVE members and that I was tricking you?
    Are you familiar with Zayn?
    And Harry?
    And Louis?
    And Liam?
    And Jerry?
    Again, you didn't check the one above because you know that THERE IS NO JERRY, THE LAST ONE IS NIALL, and I tricked you again.
    You can't pick a favorite because they are all so damn cute.
    (But really your favorite is Harry)
    (No, it's Zayn)
    (No, it's Louis)
    You have a One Direction Calandar..
    ...and a One Direction Toothbrush...
    ...and a One Direction shirt...
    ...and sweatpants...
    ...and a HOODIE.
    Your room is covered in One Direction posters.
    You saw "This is Us" opening weekend...
    ...and cried when Liam's dad was talking about Liam being away from home.
    You know how many nipples Harry has...
    And you love each one of them equally.
    You've camped out for a 1D event...
    Or a few.
    Or a dozen.
    In your most played area of Itunes, you'll find at least 10 1D songs
    You now exactly what Harry's favorite pair of jeans looks like.
    You know all of their birthdays.
    And how old they are.
    And what town they were born in.
    And their parent's names.
    And how many siblings they have.
    You own a 1D doll...
    Or all of them...
    And you role play with those dolls and they are your only real friends.
    You've traveled more than 50 miles to seek out 1D..
    ...more than 100 miles...
    ...more than a THOUSAND MILES??!?!
    You know who Gemma is.
    And you've tried to befriend her to get to Harry.
    You cried during the "Story Of My Life" video...
    ...and have watched it over 100 times.
    You'd throw away all your spoons for Liam and you know why.
    You follow all the boys on twitter.
    And gotten one of them to tweet back to you.
    You know that their album "Midnight Memories" is really good, no matter what anyone says.
    When you think about them you want to cry...
    ...and you always think about them... you are basically always crying.
    You get angry when people compare them to "The Wanted."
    You've referred to any one of them as your husband.
    And your parents are worried about you.
    When any of their songs come on the radio, you tell everyone to shut up and turn the volume to the highest it can go.
    You know Harry's middle name.
    And Zayn's.
    And Niall's
    And Liam's.
    And Louis'.
    You got a tattoo that matches one that one of them has.
    You got all the tattoos that they all have.
    When they color coordinate their clothes you scream inside because it's so cute.
    When Liam cut his hair you texted all your friends.
    Basically any time they do anything you text your friends.
    A Picture of one of them is your phone background.
    And computer background.
    And avatar on twitter.
    Your twitter handle has "One Direction" or something of that nature in it.
    Your twitter handle is "1Dbiggestfan"
    You are their self proclaimed biggest fan.
    You've met one member of the band.
    You've met at least two members of the band.
    You have a selfie with someone from the band... have a picture with EVERYONE in the band.
    You support Harry's headband style no matter what.
    You are listening to a 1D song AT THIS VERY MOMENT.
    You put a 1D song on at this very moment if you weren't already listening to one.
    You have their instagrams bookmarked.
    You follow Mama Twist on twitter.
    And @GregHoran87
    You standby Zayn's decision to wear turtlenecks.
    You own one of their perfumes.
    You ACTUALLY wear one of their perfumes.
    You know where each member of the band is on this day, right now.
    You bond instantly with someone when they say they like One Direction too.
    You have an album full of their baby photos.
    You've seen them in concert at least once... least twice...
    ..six times or more.
    You've had a One Direction themed birthday party..
    ...or Bar/Bat Mitzvah...
    ...OR WEDDING.
    You know how good Harry looks in a tiny gold thong.
    You've watched their X-Factor audition tapes several times.
    You spend most evenings watching interview videos of the boys.
    You know that all of their smiles are perfect.
    You know that all of their hair is perfect.
    You've memorized the dance routine from "Best Song Ever..."
    And you know their "dance routines" are way better than any other kind of dancing.

How Big Of A One Direction Fan Are You Really?

Did you mean to take this quiz? Based on this result i'm going to have to assume you are a dad. I am not sure you even know that One Direction is a group of five people that form a musical band. It's OK though, now you do and that's what is important here.
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You are a pretty big 1D fan. You love them, and why shouldn't you? THEY ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY. So maybe you don't know EVERYTHING about them but you love their music, and that's really what it's all about. We can probably all agree that Harry's hair is a godly creation.

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You are A SUPER FAN, a noble directioner. In 1D you trust. These guys are your LIFE (apart from your actual life). AND YOU KNOW AND APPRECIATE HOW AMAZING THEY ARE. Their music breathes air into you, and their faces give this crazy world meaning.

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