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    28 Tweets About What's Currently Going On With The Stock Market That You'll Laugh At Even If You Understand None Of It

    I am confused but laughing.

    If you've been alive the past couple of days, you've probably noticed there's been a lot of talk about stocks, the stock market, and companies like GameStop and AMC. I know nothing about stocks and can barely understand what is happening, but these tweets still made me laugh. So here are tweets that are funny even if stock stuff makes absolutely no sense to you.


    Me disguising myself as a hedge so that I can get funds

    Twitter: @joegunn


    prayers for girls whose boyfriends just said "should i try to short the gamestop stock" despite not knowing what a 401k is

    Twitter: @rebexxxxa


    Twitter: @noleftairpod


    I bought two AMC shares yesterday and I don’t even mind if it tanks. Love the movies. Just here for a good time.

    Twitter: @ellorysmith


    Wall Street: "greed is good" Reddit: "buys a stock" Wall Street: not like that

    Twitter: @DocumentingBTC


    you’re not gonna believe this but i looked at facebook and it turns out every single person i knew in high school is now an expert on both constitutional law and the stock market

    Twitter: @arb


    GameStop sitting amongst Tesla and Amazon after reddit users make it a Fortune 500 company

    Twitter: @Jordan_Deeb


    buying stock in claire’s and limited too, who’s with me

    Twitter: @jillboard


    a normal person explains what’s happening on the stock market:

    Twitter: @avalonpenrose


    Quarantine 2020: I learned how to make bread! Quarantine 2021: I am the Wolf of Wall Street.

    Twitter: @FullFrontalSamB


    I know this GameStop stuff is funny, but you have to remember this is hurting real people who own multiple boats

    Twitter: @kevinfarzad


    Twitter: @PaulLaw10


    Rich People: wHy dOn'T tHe pOoR jUsT iNvEsT tHeIr mOnEy Poor People: Ok. Rich People: ... Rich People: wait stop

    Twitter: @JUSTINtime4aLAF


    the next time everyone’s about to make a lot of money super easily could someone shoot me a text

    Twitter: @sarahclazarus


    how it feels to have zero shares of game stop

    Twitter: @INF1N1TEMUSIC


    Twitter: @_wchiv


    my retirement plan is simple: four days ago I started trading exactly one stock

    Twitter: @netw3rk


    everyone grabbing stocks with little-to-no idea of what’s going on or how the stock market works

    Twitter: @FeelingFisky


    you inside her dms, I’m insider trading. we aren’t the same

    Twitter: @desusnice


    i'm a fucking shark baby. buy stocks, sell stocks, win big time. i can smell blood in the water from a mile off, that is if my nose isn't too damn full of cocaine. my teeth are falling out because i grind too hard to brush them, but i'll just grow another row

    Twitter: @shutupmikeginn


    my brain trying to add up GameStop + stock market + Reddit + robinhood + hedge funds + Wall Street angry + AMC + eat the rich

    Twitter: @echo_shiann


    You think it's funny modern day robber barons lost a bunch of Monopoly money due to Internet trolls? You think it's funny they lobbied to create the entire financial regulatory apparatus that allowed that to happen? You think it's funny they're sobbing into their martinis and

    Twitter: @kenklippenstein


    For anyone confused about the GameStop thing here’s a quick explanation: GameStop is a store where you can buy or sell games

    Twitter: @munemoji


    me, trying to figure out how to buy bitcoins or stocks online when i have no clue what any of it means:

    Twitter: @yasminesummanx


    gonna understand this stock market shit in no time

    Twitter: @jennifermerr


    my bf explaining to me the stock market while i explain to him the full moon in leo

    Twitter: @angeapangea


    $0 invested in stocks but 100% invested in this energy HOLD THE LINE!! DO NOT SELL!! I love this song

    Twitter: @nicolieeeolieee


    ok we talked about stocks for two days I think that’s plenty let’s move on

    Twitter: @1followernodad