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Hey, Remember When Justin Theroux Played TWO Different Characters In "Sex And The City"?

They thought we'd never find out!

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Justin Theroux.

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Maybe you know him cause he's married to Jennifer Aniston.

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Or cause he has big arm muscles.

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Or cause he was the DJ with dreads from Zoolander.

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But do you remember when he played TWO different characters in Sex and the City??

That's right. Apparently in 1998/1999, there was a shortage of bit part actors in Hollywood and Sex and the City was FORCED to hire Justin Theroux twice to play the part of two different people!!!!

First there was Season 1, Episode 7: "The Monogamist." We see JT in his first SATC role as Jared, a writer. He has spikey hair and no glasses.


JT as Jared went on one date with Carrie and was kinda a douche.


Also maybe had a unibrow? Unsure.

Fast forward to Season 2, Episode 15: "Shortcomings," and Justin Theroux is BACK. But this time as Vaughn.


He's Carrie's new boyfriend and guess what...HE'S ALSO A WRITER!!!


Also in this episode he has short hair, occasionally wears glasses and also takes off his shirt.


So basically Justin Theroux is the TRUE star of Sex and the City. And btw we are all Mirandas. ByE!!!

h/t to this random video I found while searching for "Jon Bon Jovi Sex And The City."

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