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    The Boy From "Spy Kids" Is Now Dating Meghan Trainor

    Her name is...YES???

    Recently, Meghan Trainor posted a cryptic Instagram of herself and this man wearing animal onesies.

    And the man, Daryl Sabara, posted a pic on his Instagram of the two of them also.

    You might be saying, "Wait a second, Daryl Sabara? You mean the kid from Spy Kids?"

    Miramax Films

    The answer is YES. That's exactly who I mean. THIS GUY IS CURRENTLY DATING MEGHAN TRAINOR!!

    Miramax Films

    But obviously he is an adult now.

    Here's another pic of the two of them.

    And here's a photo Meghan shared just yesterday of them holding hands in an airport.

    They were "off to Spain" with a heart, so I think that means this relationship is official.

    And that's your update on what the kid from Spy Kids is up to today! Bye!

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