The Videos Of Heidi Klum As A Giant Worm Have Me Completely Losing It Because They Are So Bonkers, It's Amazing

    "Just worming around."

    As we know, Heidi Klum dressed as a worm for her Halloween party.

    The costume left me speechless.

    A closeup of her face which melts into the worm costume seamlessly

    The pics are good. Really good! That's obvious.

    Heidi being interviewed as she lays down on the carpet outside of the party

    But the videos of her as the worm have sent my body into another dimension. BECAUSE WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING (in a good way).

    No one: No one at all: Heidi Klum aka The Queen of Halloween: "Would you love me if I was a worm?"

    Twitter: @raiwai_butter

    I lost it watching this one where she's "just worming around."


    🐛Early bird gets the worm🐛 And in @heidiklum’s case, you BECOME the worm 🪱 🤣 #heidiklum #halloween #halloweencostume

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    Her worm face.


    @heidi klum (yes, that’s her) shares the inspo behind her EPIC #Halloween costume! 👀😂🪱 #HeidiKlum #HeidiKlumHalloween #Worm #Costume

    ♬ original sound - Good Morning America

    Her worm body moving around.

    Her worm self dancing.

    .@heidiklum dancing in her worm costume is my favorite thing on the internet today 😂

    Twitter: @Drea__Diaz

    Every time I see the worm doing worm things, I get full-body shivers.

    The transformation into the worm gave me butterflies.

    It's all so much. But also not enough.

    Basically, I'm obsessed with the worm costume and don't know how she will ever do better than this.

    That's all. BYE.