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Heidi Klum's 2022 Halloween Costume Is Seriously Messing With My Brain — Like, It's Equal Parts Hilarious And Absurd

I need to get inside her head, because I truly don't understand how she comes up with this stuff.

In the same way Mariah Carey is the queen of Christmas, Heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween.

She's been hosting Halloween parties since the year 2000.

Heidi poses on the red carpet in a werewolf costume

Her first year was pretty tame.

Heidi wore a gothic patent leather dress and pigtails

But as the years have gone by, her costumes have gotten increasingly more elaborate and random.

Heidi as a very realistic old woman sitting in a rocking chair and holding a walking stick

There was the year she dressed up as Fiona.

The year she showed up with five Heidi clones.

The year she dressed as this decomposing alien thing.

The year she dressed as an inside-out person.

Heidi as a human with no skin so all of the flesh is exposed

The year she dressed as this purple superhero.

The year she dressed as Jessica Rabbit.

The year she dressed as this giant insect.

And the year she dressed as an ape.

But this year, I have to say, she has truly outdone herself.

This year, she was a worm.

Yes, a worm.

Yes, that's Heidi Klum under there.

Her husband went as a fisherman.

So, I guess it made sense when Heidi just kind of wiggled there.

The pictures are equally hilarious and ridiculous.

From just writhing on the red carpet...

...to being interviewed just, like, slithering there?!

Every picture is more absurd than the last.

Heidi posing with a man in a dapper suit for a photo

She nailed it.

Heidi talking a selfie with a party guest

Brilliant costume.

I truly don't know how she'll top this, but I'm sure she will next year.