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    Harry Styles' 23 Most Wonderful Moments From Niall's Charity Soccer Game

    His shorts mostly.

    1. When he stretched his legs and lifted his shorts and showed off his beautiful gams:

    2. Because they are indeed lovely.

    3. So, so lovely.

    4. When he became Mr. Assistant Manager.

    And was very serious about his duties.

    5. When he ran on the field.

    6. When he did anything on the field.

    7. When he scored a penalty goal for his team.

    He kicked it beautifully.

    8. And everyone was so excited because it was perfect.

    9. When he chatted with Louis while adjusting his pants.

    10. When he slid and crawled around like a little baby.

    11. When he got angry.

    12. When he was happy.

    13. When he made this concerned face.

    14. When he showed off some actual skills.

    15. When he pantsed Piers Morgan.

    (He knows how it feels)

    16. When he enjoyed a nice back and thigh rub from James Corden.

    17. When he showed off his incomparable ballet form by doing a pirouette during play.

    18. When he ran over to his friend Niall to give him a hug.

    19. A hug that spread love to the entire world.

    20. And also gave him a double high five.

    21. A high five that brought happiness to the planet.

    22. And a butt pat.

    23. A butt pat that will go down in history.