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    Have You Seen That Pic Of Harry Styles Jogging In Rome? Well Here It Is

    Important stuff here.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Harry Styles was holding up a lil' bottle of vinegar while touring the Italian countryside.

    And now folks, he's jogging through the cities of Italia.

    Behold: Harry running through the streets of Rome.

    Afsan / MEGA

    With his new mustache on full display.

    Afsan / MEGA

    And because he knows how to make people happy, he wore shorts that truly knocked those 5-inch inseams out of the water. I think these might be like 1.5-inch inseams.

    Afsan, Fmrom / MEGA

    Bless short-shorts!

    Afsan, Fmrom / MEGA

    Never stop running, Harry! You're doing a great job.

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