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Harry Styles' Hair Has Reached Peak Man Bun And It's Beautiful

The day has come.

Hi, are you wondering whose head this beautiful, messy man-bun is sitting on?

Well it's Harry Styles' obviously (I said it in the title of this post) and it's PERFECT.

It's truly a work of art. And it makes every little thing that Harry does better.

When Harry holds onto the mic and sings into it? BETTER WITH THE BUN.

When he plays air guitar and air drums? ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, BUT EVEN BETTER WITH THE BUN.

When he shakes his annoyingly adorable hips? 10,000X BETTER WITH THE BUN.

When he turns his head and shows off the bun? OBVIOUSLY BETTER WITH THE BUN BECAUSE THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT.

HQ of Harrys perfect little pony tail tonight in Arizona taken by yours truly

The bun makes this rodeo moment almost too much to handle.

When he sings and the bun just sits there, it's like you are watching magic unfold in front of your eyes.


The bun does wonders for Harry and Louis is jealous, clearly.


Unfortunately the bun has also created problems for people.

I'm trying to relax and recuperate from my tiresome day but no Harry styles had to put his hair in a bun

And many of us are left wondering how and why.

Why is it that Harry Styles can do a better bun than me?

Because it's more wonderful than any bun that has ever existed on any man or woman.

But can @Harry_Styles explain me how he always make some perfect buns, like when i try it doesnt even look like a bun

Long live the bun.