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    Harry Styles Eating An Orange During The VMAs Was Actually The Most Significant Event Of The Night

    This is not an exaggeration.

    Harry ate an orange during the VMAs and it was spectacular.

    While other less important things were happening like music and twerking, Harry was busy methodically peeling his orange.

    As you can see, he can easily dance like a perfect human while tearing the slices apart.

    The orange gets to touch and be held by Harry's hands.

    And be chewed by his teeth, making his breath smell like tangerine goodness.

    And then, since the orange was making his hands all sticky, he rubbed them on his pants.

    And kept rubbing away that stick.

    Then went back for more in his hidden treasure trove of oranges.

    And then when he posed with Rihanna, you could see the remnants of those lucky oranges.

    There they were, under his chair, touched by Harry and off to live in orange heaven.


    The End.