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    Haim Once Again Proves They Are The Greatest Dance Troupe Of Our Century

    Hear me out.

    If you weren't aware, Haim is the most distinguished and significant dancing band in the history of dancing bands.

    Actually first let's rewind, because in case you don't know who Haim is you need to get your shit together and learn.

    Anywho, ~technically~ they are not a dancing band, they are just a band that happens to also dance a little. And let me tell you, they dance so good.

    Remember the "If I Could Change Your Mind" video?

    Yeah, it was fucking brilliant.


    And now, they are here to prove that once again they are literally the greatest dance troupe of this century!!!

    Cause they are beautiful body-moving queens in the music vid for "Want You Back."

    View this video on YouTube

    Let's take a closer look!

    It all starts with a group head turn. Classic. Simple. Stunning.

    Then we get into some hand movements. Beautiful. Unique.

    Then we have a group shimmy. Marvelous.

    Then the girls turn it up a notch with some more moves that encompass the whole body. Stupendous.

    And then, Danielle, who is the source of all that is good and pure in the world, performs a solo routine.

    It is, spectacular.


    But back to the group. Things really heat up at this point! There's choreography!


    Boot stompin' and shoulder shakin' perfection!

    Every moment is more magical than the last!



    A Levis dream land!

    Not too mention they are One Take Tinas! Yah, this was all one shot.


    Buh bye.