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    Giulia From "Luca" Is Not Officially A Lesbian, But, Like, Is Definitely A Lesbian

    I'll die on this hill.

    If you watched Luca, then you can't deny it's...pretty gay!

    Twitter: @lolaslovebot

    And while Luca and Alberto are the ~main gays~ — I MEAN, characters — we mustn't ignore Giulia, the young lesbian!


    Okay, it was never actually stated that she was a lesbian, but come on, I know a baby gay when I see one!!! And before you yell at me and call me straight-phobic, let's look at the facts.

    Her shoes?

    Giulia is wearing sandals

    Very gay.

    giulia literally wears lesbian sandals

    Her pants? She's wearing JNCOs, and I literally just saw a Brooklyn lesbian in those the other day.

    watching luca and giulia saying all three of them "dress weird" when they collectively look like a gay friend group in 2021................ ok

    Twitter: @skyevgc

    And her beanie might as well be a sign that says "I LIKE GIRLS!!" I'm not saying that if you wear a beanie you're a lesbian, but if you wear a beanie when the temperature is above 70 degrees —which it definitely is in this seaside town in Italy — then yes, you're a lesbian.


    But beyond her outfit, her vibe screams lesbian-to-be. She is the lesbian best friend of the cute gay couple!!!

    “i think that luca and giulia are love interests” how does it feel to be WRONG ? luca is gay and giulia is lesbian they r the definition of wlw and mlm solidarity

    Twitter: @ventiscanongf

    Because yes, lesbians and gays DO get along. In fact, this is literally a picture of me and my friends:

    Giulia is a chaotic good lesbian 🤷‍♀️ #Luca #PixarLuca #PixarAlberto #SilenzioBruno #lucamovie #Luberto #PRIDE

    Twitter: @thederpyhipster

    And pretty much her entire demeanor is le$bean.

    Twitter: @satvrnnrings

    She's a little badass biotch and my young gay self would have killed to be 1/4 as awesome as her.

    can this face lose?! watching luca’s FANTASTICO animation team bring giulia to life was seriously such a joy. she is so wonderfully silly, vibrant, and HERSELF, through and through! bravo, anim!

    So this Pride Month, I'm celebrating Giulia Marcovaldo!!!!!

    giulia marcovaldo is a lesbian and idc what anyone else says #Luca

    Twitter: @lesbsio

    My new favorite queer icon!!


    THAT'S ALL!!! BYE!!

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