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I'm Sorry, But "Luca" Is Totally A Gay Movie, And These 18 Tweets Prove It

And that's why I loved it so much.

Disney released Luca on Disney+ this past week, and to be completely honest with you, I have never felt so seen in animated children's movie form in my life.

An poster for the film that features a boy floating in the ocean

Ever since the trailer was released, members of the LGBTQ community have said the story *felt* queer-coded.

Two friends with their arms around each other's shoulders as they look at the sun

After watching the movie myself, I took to my Twitter to tweet my own feelings:

Well, just saw Luca and 😭 Can you even imagine growing up with a movie like that? Whew.

Twitter: @mattstopera

And a few gays asked me:

Twitter: @andre_daren

To which I say, yes, totally 1,000%. Luca is a gay movie.

1. I don't care that the director of the movie said it wasn't, this is how I feel!

Twitter: @lolaslovebot

2. And I'm not the only one.

Yes I loved Luca, yes I cried, and yes it is very gay #Luca

Twitter: @_samepaige_

3. From people saying the movie is "queer AF."

#Luca is top-tier Pixar and it’s queer AF 🌈

Twitter: @DavidOpie

4. To others saying "Luca's unapologetically gay subtext is evident."

Luca’s unapologetically gay subtext is evident and I absolutely adored it!

Twitter: @thebrianking7

5. This movie is 1,000% a metaphor for the growing up gay experience.

I'm just sitting here after watching #Luca unable to stop thinking about how it was a metaphor for being gay. "Not everyone is going to accept him, but he seems good at finding those that will." Loved it cause it's a #Pixar movie and not a dumb sequel.

Twitter: @The3Wynds

6. Personally, I felt this tweet especially hard:

Just saw Luca, & I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s the first gay animated film by Disney/Pixar. Feeling like you have to hide a part of yourself, meeting someone like you 4 the first time, strangers calling you and your “friend” monsters, finding the good ones. I cried. ❤️

Twitter: @LGBT_Activist

7. People are calling it Pixar's first "queer coming-of-age movie."

#luca is pixar's first queer coming-of-age movie no one can tell me it's not

Twitter: @polysuccharides

8. From the old nonnas...

Twitter: @musicalinspira

9. ...the "weird" friend group vibe...

watching luca and giulia saying all three of them "dress weird" when they collectively look like a gay friend group in 2021................ ok

Twitter: @skyevgc

10. ...to the last scene. That last scene!!!!

Twitter: @Vishalsiddu1

11. Also just, like, they released it during Pride? Very appropriate!

Twitter: @bisexual_link

12. I don't care if you disagree, because I've never seen a movie like this before.

me: we need to normalize platonic male affection!! also me, watching Luca: gay? the boys are in love?? queer coded??? they're precious and perfect oh my god????

Twitter: @its_she_they

13. There's a resounding "I wish I had this film while I was growing up" sentiment going around.

Crying joyful gay tears for all the confused LGBTQ+ kids who will watch Pixar's LUCA and have their inner world validated. I wish I had this film while I was growing up.

Twitter: @jblikesmovies

14. Because if I had a movie like Luca growing up, it definitely would have made a difference.

I feel like Luca will make a lasting impression on the LGBTQ community because even though the characters weren’t stated gay it clearly draws on many experiences that gays face in adolescence and even after speaking as a 19-year-old out guy I could relate to it #Luca #PixarLuca

Twitter: @young_nova88

15. So yeah, go watch Luca, especially if you're gay.

Twitter: @lgbtpixar

16. It's one of the most heartwarming movies I've seen.

luca spoilers . . . . . . . alberto and luca not being able to let go of each others hands is the most heart breaking thing omfg i love gays #lucamovie

Twitter: @noahatthegates

17. And I never thought gay fish would make me cry so hard.

Luca got me crying over gay fish at 3am 😭🌈

Twitter: @KellenHaug

18. The end.

the gay agenda always wins #luca was so good

Twitter: @duamaximoff

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