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    For Some Reason Maria Shriver Was Shook To Her Core By Lena Dunham Saying "Penis" On Live Television

    No one knows what just happened.

    This morning on The Today Show, Lena Dunham joined Maria Shriver on air to talk about Lena's show Girls.

    However we might not know what they were ever going to actually discuss because the interview was thrown off course when Lena Dunham surprised Maria by dropping the P-word.

    WATCH: We don't know what happened here... cc: @lenadunham @mariashriver

    I'M TALKING THE WORD "PENIS." You know, this thing. It's science.

    Apparently it is a word that Maria has never heard or said in her life, judging by the reaction she had upon hearing it come out of Lena's mouth.


    Literally it threw the entire interview. It was as if Lena had just removed that choker from her neck and her head had fallen off. Maria begged Matt Lauer for help.

    Who just stood there and was like, "Hhuuhhhhhhhh???"

    And Lena was like "PEACE BITCHES!"

    And Maria was still reeling.

    And then after Lena apologized for saying that word, Maria continued to say that her reaction is due to a generational divide.

    Lena responded that Maria has definitely said the word "penis" before.

    And upon hearing that word for her second time, Maria was shaken again.

    Matt ended up having to come close the interview and literally hold Maria's hand through this trauma.

    Anyway, happy peni— I MEAN Friday!