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For Everyone Who Would Have Chosen Aidan Over Mr. Big


First of all, Aidan was obviously perfect as a human.

He was strong (see: can lift a person).

And sensitive (see: takes bubble baths).

He was rugged and handy...

And used his talents to make handcrafted things for Carrie's friends (aawwwwwwkajnkjgngh).

Also he did other nice things for Carrie's friends like literally lifting Miranda's naked body off the floor:


He looked adorable in tighty-whities:

(Also from the side/front.)

He came up with cute pet names like "pop-tart" and "gal" because he was clever and cute:

And he bought Carrie the best Macbook that ever existed (AND SHE WAS UNGRATEFUL).

Even though he and Carrie broke up, he still went to Miranda's mom's funeral because he was supportive:

He was romantic...

...and he was understanding. When Carrie lost Pete and didn't come home for another three hours, Aidan wasn't even angry.

He made these faces and they were irresistible:


And it's obvious he would be the perfect boyfriend to stay at home on a Friday night with:

Also once he wore a baseball hat with the band on the very last hole and for some reason it was perfect.

He was a natural caretaker...

And when we found out he had a kid we melted inside because it was TOO MUCH.




Even though he didn't HAVE to forgive Carrie, he did. Because he was sweet and loving and a good man.

And then when Carrie chose Big it was like WOW CARRIE YOU ARE SO STUPID.

Because obviously Aidan was the best man and Carrie fucked up.

The End.