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    Feb 2, 2015

    For Everyone Who Knows That The Trees Were Actually The Real Winners Of The Half Time Show

    When you're a tree, you're a tree 'till the end.

    It's common knowledge by now that the Sharks (specifically Left Shark) were admittedly a very important and wonderful part of Katy Perry's half time show.

    But there were some other members of the dance squad that were MORE important.

    Getty Images Christopher Polk

    And that my friend, would be the trees.

    WireImage Kevin Mazur

    The trees that never stopped smiling.

    Getty Images Rob Carr

    The trees that throughout the entire performance kept those goofy ass grins on their face and didn't for a second waiver in their loyalty to KP.

    Getty Images Jamie Squire

    Even when they were basically off camera, their eyes were always lit up.

    Getty Images Christopher Polk

    And were there for Katy in every aspect of her performance.

    WireImage Kevin Mazur

    And while Left Shark was busy forgetting all his dance moves...


    You know who WASN'T??? That's right, TREE.

    Tree was swaying and smiling just as it should. And it did a really good job.

    Plus you can't even deny that the trees were the real heart and soul of the performance.

    Look at that grumpy shark. But look at the happy tree.


    Always happy.


    A tree I aspire to be.

    Don't forget that trees also have a history of being noble and kind.

    Sharks do not.

    So when you are thinking back about who the TRUE Super Bowl heroes were, remember it's not the sharks.

    AFP / Getty Images TIMOTHY A. CLARY

    It's also not the really stoned beach ball people.

    But it's the trees DAMNIT! THE TREES.

    Getty Images Jamie Squire

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