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For Everyone That Is Attracted To Kristoff From "Frozen"

Just because he's animated doesn't mean it can't happen.

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First of all, never has a computer man had such flowy, whispy hair and such an adorable, doofy smile.

Even his little smirk is enough to set your heart aflutter.

Oh, excuse me, is this the way to Main street because I just GOT LOST IN HIS EYES.

But besides being physically attractive, he's also strong. Strong enough to catch you when you fall.

And throw you with ease onto a reindeer if your sled is about to crash and burn.

Even though he is strong and manly, he also has a softer, sensitive side.

And while he might be nervous to show his feelings...

He will still do things like slide across ice and take you on fast reindeer rides to make sure you are OK.

Also, he's had the same best friend for his entire life, so you know he can commit to being in a stable relationship.

His snowy gear made him mysterious, but then when his rosy cheeks and icy hair were revealed, that sealed the deal.

Then when he warmed up and started playing the MANDOLIN. Oh god. *SWOON*

He's basically a rockstar with the voice of an angel.

And his derpy singing faces are endearing.

He's a family man, which is important and wonderful.

JUST LOOK AT HIM. It's too much.

*frames this photo*

Basically seeing his face light up makes your face light up...

...and we all wish this were us:

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