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Everything You Need To Know About The Revolutionary Kitchen Tool: Tupperware!

Have you heard about tupperware? The new swell kitchen aide will let moms all over save the food they worked hard to make! Check it out!

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Have you heard about Tupperware!?

They are these fly new containers, for your food storage needs.

Check out how colorful they are.

You can put all of your left overs in them!

They come in all different shapes and sizes

Betty from down the street has them ALL!

You can too!

You can even throw a fun tupperware party, invite all the other wives, it will be a blast!

This is the niftiest party i've ever seen!

And it's cheap!

All of this for only 29 cents!

But if that's too expensive, get these for 3 cents!

Tupperware can hold anything your heart desires. And it's air-tight, your food won't spoil!

Give it to your mom for christmas, she'll love you.

Sit back and relax, tupperware does all the work for you.

It's going to be huge - we promise you!

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