Everything You Need To Know About Jesse Pinkman’s Car, BITCH!

The car, which was driven by the character Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad, was for sale several months ago, and now it has a new owner who drove the car over to the BuzzFeed New York offices where we got to take a look. Here’s what we learned.

1. This is Jesse Pinkman’s car from Breaking Bad.

2. It was recently bought for $4,700.

The car now belongs to Chieh Huang, the CEO of Boxed. He says that starting next week customers will be able to enter a promotional code and have their goods delivered to them in the car (based on proximity). He also wants to draw attention to city meals on wheels and the food bank and use the car for good.

3. The car doesn’t start with keys, it actually starts with a screwdriver.

The keys were lost, so they made it start with a screwdriver. But recently the new owner was driving it and keys fell out from a hidden spot near the leg room of the passenger seat. The keys are useless though since the ignition has been fitted for a screwdriver.

4. There’s a fake gas tank on the left side of the car…

5. …the REAL gas tank is on the right side.

6. Also there’s a sunroof inside the car…

7. …but it was welded over on top, so the sunroof is unusable.

8. The car has about 215,000 miles on it.

9. And in it is the book that gave Walt away to Hank.

It’s not the actual book from set, but you get the point.

10. And some cash so you can throw money out the window like Jesse did.

11. It’s stick shift.

12. Here’s the entire front area of the car, it’s a little run down, after all it is from 1984.

13. The license plate is the original plate…

14. …from the land of enchantment, New Mexico.

15. This is the backseat:

16. It comes with meth!

Just kidding, that’s blue rock candy…NOT meth.

17. And this is Chelsea, our animals editor in true Jesse style.

18. And that’s everything you need to know about Jesse Pinkman’s car.

All photos by Lauren Yapalater for BuzzFeed.

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