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Even If You Literally Have No Idea Who Carly Simon Is, You Have To Meet Her Alien Alter Ego, Gamerline

New fav alien <3.

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Hello dear friends whom I love so much and only wish the best for! I brought you here to direct your attention to Carly Simon's new alter ego, Gamerline, who she introduced on Instagram four days ago and has since stolen my heart.

Don't care about Carly Simon? Well, I think you should read this post anyway. Don't even KNOW who Carly Simon is? Yes you do!!! She's the singer who sings the popular song "You're So Vain" featured in the hit movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.

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ALSO her dad is the Simon in Simon & Schuster, the big publishing company... JUST FYI!!!

Simon & Schuster

Ok now that you know and care more about Carly Simon, I hope you will feel just as invested in Gamerline as I do!!! I implore you to watch the following two videos with sound (I mean, you just have to).

Here she is introducing herself. She's an alien from Filerstoph (idk, I think that's what she said) and also maybe has parents originally from Ireland or Scotland, just my guess.

Instagram: @carlysimonhq

As Gamerline, she wants to make a video and be put on the serious television, not the gentlest television. Literally, that's what she says!!!! Watch the video!!!

Instagram: @carlysimonhq

Meanwhile, Gamerline (NOT Carly Simon) apparently does not know about the selfie feature on a phone. This is truly one of the most unique and inventive ways to take a video!!! A recording of her reflection in a mirror! Genius.

And I know this isn't "a serious television," but this is a very serious website, so I hope that Carly is pleased with Gamerline's video being broadcast on here.

Long Live Gamerline <3.

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