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    Updated on Dec 4, 2019. Posted on Nov 29, 2019

    24 Disney Channel Actors From Your Youth That Are On Cameo Now

    🎵Let’s watch a Disney channel cameo 🎵.

    1. For $45, Steven Anthony Lawrence AKA Beans from Even Stevens.

    2. For $30, Raviv Ullman aka Phil from Phil Of The Future.

    3. For $30, Ryan Merriman from Luck Of The Irish, Smart House, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

    4. For $25, Clayton Snyder aka Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire.

    5. For $75, Anneliese van der Pol aka Chelsea from That's So Raven.

    6. For $500, Christy Carlson Romano aka Ren from Even Stevens, but she's currently unavailable.

    7. For $50, Sam Horrigan aka Val from Brink.

    8. For $25, KayCee Stroh aka Martha From High School Musical.

    9. For $50, Blake Michael from Dog With A Blog.

    10. For $85, Kyle Massey aka Cory from Cory In The House.

    11. For $39, David Henrie aka Justin Russo from Wizards Of Waverly Place.

    12. For $50, Jason Earles aka Jackson from Hannah Montana.

    13. For $50, Orlando Brown aka Eddie from That's So Raven.

    14. For $75, Phill Lewis aka Mr. Moseby from The Suite Life.

    15. For $75, Kimberly J. Brown from Halloweentown.

    16. For $300, Raven Symoné aka Raven from That's So Raven.

    17. For $50, Dot Jones aka Coach Kelly on Lizzie McGuire.

    18. For $35, David Deluise aka the dad from Wizards Of Waverly Place.

    19. For $15, Gary Leroy Gray aka Nelson from Even Stevens.

    20. For $50, Adrian R'Mante aka Esteban from The Suite Life.

    21. For $25, J.P. Manoux aka Vice Principal Hacket on Phil Of The Future.

    22. For $50, Jennifer Stone aka Harper from Wizards Of Waverly Place.

    23. For $50, Riley Smith aka Dean from Motocrossed.

    24. And For $40, Olesya Rulin aka the girl who played piano and wore hats from High School Musical.

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