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Darren Criss Plays "Would You Rather?"

When the Glee actor stopped by our offices, he was game to answer a few of the hardest "Would You Rather?" questions that will ever be asked. Here's what went down.

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1. Would you rather sweat mayo or poop a softball?

"That would hurt because a softball is, like, a big thing. I'd rather sweat mayo to look out for my body. But if it didn't have any effect on my anatomy, it's a funny story to have pooped a softball."


3. Would you rather change gender every time you sneezed or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?

"I think I would go with the gender change. You'd have such an unbelievable point of view — of everything. Like, you are one of the most extraordinary people on the planet."

7. Would you rather be the best racquetball player in the world or find $65 on the street?

"Think of all the tacos I could buy with $65. But the answer is, I would love to be the best racquetball player in the world."