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Dana Brody On "Homeland" Is The Worst

Okay, so your dad is a terrorist and all but why must you be so angsty!?

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First, to get your blood boiling, look at this photo of Dana being emotional:

Now look at her making this annoying face:

And this face:

And being all snarly:

And brow furrow-y:

Now look at her playing with her fingers:

She is always touching them.



This whole scene all she did was play with her fingers:


Moving on. Remember when she dumped Xander?

Xander was cool. That was messed up.

But back to her making annoying faces like this one:

And this one:

And this one:

And doesn't it just get under your skin how she's always calling out for her dad?

Plus here she is handing a phone to her mom with big 'tude:

And standing in this room all confused-like:

Now look at her being the worstttttt while gazing out of the window:

Being a big fat liar while faking sick in her bed:

And here she is standing in the corner of a room.

But you know what, she could be worse.

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