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Christopher Meloni Tweets About Resisting Donald Trump With No Shirt On

The picture says it all.

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You probably know Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler from Law and Order SVU.

Or maybe from Wet Hot American Summer, depending on your tastes.

Eureka Pictures

Either way, he's been pretty vocal on Twitter about his political opinions...

...and yesterday he tweeted this. It's Christopher Meloni in what looks like the darkest abyss of space, with no shirt on, calling to #resist.

The revolution is upon us. If u can't see the con then u r willfully blind. #Resist. good nite

Here's that pic again. It quite literally embodies that whole "a picture is worth 1,000 words" thing.

But other than a photo of Christopher Meloni that will probably never be forgotten, there are his responses to people after it was posted.

This guy wanted to know why, and his answer was simple:

This person felt thirsty and Christopher was thankful:

This person wasn't sure what the protocol was, but Christopher told him to go with his heart:

He also clarified how he got those pecs.

And then, in case anyone was concerned, he confirmed that he was all good.

Glad to hear it, Mr. Meloni.

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