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    18 Celebrities Who Should Have Never Gotten Cornrows

    The 90s (and some 2000s) were a weird time for hair.

    1. Christina Aguilera

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    2. Gwen Stefani

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    3. Kim Kardashian


    4. Justin Timberlake

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    5. Juliette Lewis

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    6. Shanna Moakler

    Anthony Monterotti,

    7. Kevin Federline


    8. Christina Aguilera AGAIN

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    9. Heidi Klum

    RAZM/GSI Media

    10. David Beckham

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    11. Fergie

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    12. James Franco:

    INF Daily

    13. Cheryl Cole

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    14. Christina Aguilera ONCE AGAIN. Why did she keep doing this?!

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    15. Conan O'Brien

    Team COCO

    16. Melanie Griffith

    Getty Images

    17. Jared Leto


    18. And finally, Taylor Swift

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