Before Gal Gadot Was Wonder Woman She Was Singing In Hebrew Dressed Like A Mermaid

    What can't she do.

    Listen up, buttercups. Gal Gadot AKA Wonder Woman is the greatest thing to happen to this world since the invention of pajama jeans.

    But in the year 2009, long before she was the fiercest most badass hero to ever exist in any universe during any time and any place and any where, she performed as a mermaid as part of an Israeli Hanukah special that raises money for kids.

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    As you can see, there is our Dear Gal. Singing in Hebrew, her native language, AND wearing a sea shell bra, because that's what mermaids do.

    She also dances. That means she dances AND sings.

    LOOK AT THOSE MOVES. I literally don't even care about the twirling plates because Gal is the mermaid of my dreams.

    Unfortunately this stupid man comes into the Picture. But he's no Steve Trevor!!

    Also, if you're wondering what she's singing, it's NOT "Under The Sea." According to an Israeli source of mine, the song is called "Beloved." And since I failed Hebrew school I also had her give me the gist of the lyrics. Basically Gal's mermaid character is singing to this dude about how the two of them can get through anything together, through fear and strife and what not.

    Anyway, the moral of this story is 1) Gal has always been perfect, because she did this for the kids 2) there is now hope for a Wonder Woman: The Musical.