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    Anna Faris Thinks Chris Pratt's Balls Are Sexy And Perfect

    True love.

    Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are a beloved Hollywood couple.

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    And on the most recent episode of Anna's podcast, she sat down with Aubrey Plaza for a conversation and it's possible we learned the secret to their relationship: Anna really loves Chris's balls.

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    Anna and Aubrey were talking about onscreen kisses and the set life of Parks and Rec, when Anna just straight-up asked Aubrey if she had ever seen her husband's balls. Here's the conversation:

    Aubrey: The amount of time and hours you spend with people on a show like that, you just all become like, weird siblings. And everyone is kind of up in everyone's shit.

    Anna: You see each other at 5 in the morning, not feeling great.

    Aubrey: Yeah, like I've definitely seen Chris and Nick Offerman kiss, for sure, before.

    Anna: They share poop pictures.

    Aubrey: Yeah, things just get kind of, everyone just treats each other β€”

    Anna: Have you seen my husband's balls?

    Aubrey: I don't think so. Although there was one episode where, I think he β€”

    Anna: They are incredible.

    Aubrey: Maybe he had a banana sling?

    Anna: You would remember. Because they are some sexy balls.

    She calls his balls "incredible," and "sexy." The conversation continued and Anna once again let everyone know how perfect her husband's balls are (and that he was almost sued for getting naked on set).

    Aubrey: I don't think I ever got the pleasure of that. I think Amy did.

    Anna: Yeah I think he was, like, threatened with a lawsuit. [laughs]

    Aubrey: Because he almost got fired when he surprised her with his naked body. Which I was not there for.

    Sim (producer): It was a take, right? Where he walked to the front door, and Amy opened the door and Chris was there completely naked, and Amy had no idea. So Amy's reaction was genuine, because she was completely shocked. And that clip is circulating online.

    Aubrey: But you can't see anything, right?

    Sim: No, you can't see anything.

    Anna: No, but i think there were some issues, because β€” now I'm going to get sued!

    Aubrey: What's wrong with them?

    Anna: Oh, his balls? Nothing, they're perfect.

    And now you know more about what lies beneath.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

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